The objective of BESST is to provide our students with the BEST education to facilitate happiness, personal fulfillment and successful integration into today’s society. 

 Besides the fact that we provide the Slovak National Curriculum in full, we also offer English language, Mathematics and Science classes following the international standards set by Cambridge International Examinations therefore making us a bilingual school.

 We are continuing on a journey that is pursued within the ‘best schools’ in the European Union. On a journey of preparation of a child’s complex personality for life in a modern society. A journey comprising the development of the following 8 competencies:

Communication: Communicative competence results from language acquisition and development. In our case, besides their mother tongue, students also acquire English language.

From kindergarten, our pupils experience and interact with the English language, not only during classes, but also during breaks and after-school activities. Thus they acquire English language in a natural way and do away with the feeling of insecurity which can be widespread in foreign language usage.

The quality of English language lessons is guaranteed by highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience of teaching at international schools abroad. Under their leadership with the use of the best teaching materials, everyday English Language lessons become lessons full of entertaining learning that children look forward to.

In addition to that, you can find an English Literature lesson within the schedule, taught by native speakers. Here, children develop their ability to read, comprehend text and reproduce it both orally and in writing. They can choose from hundreds of books at different levels of difficulty that our library offers.

Besides English Language lessons children also speak (English) during not only Mathematics and Science lessons, but also in Computers, Fine Arts and Physical Education lessons.

Information and Communication Technology: The school is equipped with the latest technology to enable everyday help in  the children’s work. An interactive whiteboard and a computer are present in every classroom.

There is also a computer classroom with a computer for every child and a data projector. This is where Computer lessons take place and where pupils learn to use various programs, work with the internet as well as search, process and use information correctly. That the language of instruction is English makes it easier to learn computer terminology.

Children can choose from after-school activities which develop a positive attitude to information and communication technology – the after-school club Baltík is an educational multimedia programming tool for young people that develops logical thinking and creativity and also the Lego MINDSTORMS club, combines programming and robotics.

Mathematical literacy and competence in the field of mathematics, natural and technical sciences: Our Mathematics is completely different. 4 hours of Mathematics in Slovak language and 3 in the English language provide us with enough space so that we are also able to illustrate and test all phenomena, operations and formulas  Teaching aids, following the principles of Montessori pedagogy, which you can find in the classrooms, help children fully understand the principles of mathematics. Children thus acquire a positive attitude and motivation for obtaining further knowledge.

Mathematical competence also includes the ability to use mathematical models of thinking such as logical and spatial thinking. Pupils can improve these during after-school activities such as logical games, chess or programming.

Not only during natural history and biology lessons, but also by means of creating various projects, we encourage pupils´ positive attitude to nature and its protection. However, we do not work only in theory. Our children take care of their own classroom pet, plant seedlings and trees…

Our children like Science lessons a lot. They complement and develop their theoretical knowledge with as much practical experimentation as possible.

Entrepreneurship and initiative: The fundamentals of every business is a good idea, ambition and thorough preparation. We lead children towards the ability to present and also realise their ideas. By means of creating projects, we develop the ability to plan, organise, manage, delegate and evaluate.

The Young Entrepreneurs after-school activity enables pupils to try business firsthand – from the beginnings of an idea, to starting one´s own business, through to market research, sales and operation in competition…

Interpersonal and civic competencies: These competencies include individual, interpersonal and intercultural development.

We strive to develop a child´s personality, presentation of themselves, but also relationships with others, including the respect of other opinions and cultures.

We start every week by an ellipse – a joint session of pupils with their class teachers. Pupils have enough space to share their experiences and also potential problems which we solve together within the classroom. Pupils thus learn to express themselves and gain the sense of a secure, supportive environment.

Mastering the ability to learn: What pupils learn is very important. But for us, it is also important how they learn it, that is so that pupils can organize their own learning, assess their own work and seek help if necessary. In this way our pupils take a direct role in a considerable part of the curriculum during classes.

General cultural outlook: Creative expression of one´s thoughts, experiences and emotions by means of music, literature and visual arts is encouraged not only during classes, but also during after-school activities. The after-school activity of modern dancing, arts and crafts, playing musical instruments and arts provide pupils with enough space for self-expression. 

Physical competence: We have incorporated swimming and skating into physical education as part of the learning process. Every day, children have 45-minute break – stay outside, where they can play their favourite ball games, compete and play on climbing frames and our trampoline.

Every year we offer a ski course and outdoor school for all children. Children have a choice of several sporting after-school activities such as taekwondo, football, dancing, swimming…