Coming up in October 2017

4.10. Wed Comics World of the School Club – evaluation 14:30-17:00
6.10. Fri World Smile Day – thematic day Y2 during this day
English Theatre in BA Y8-Y9 10:20-14:30
Traffic Course Y4 10:45-13:00
10.10. Tue World Mental Health Day Y4,Y6 9:20-12:50
11.10. Wed Presents for the Year 1 pupils by STEFE 10:35
12.10. Th Grand Parents Day Y2 during this day
Visit to Junior Ekotopfilm Festival in Trnava Y5 9:15-11:30
13.10. Fri World of Fairytales – Art Competition Y1-Y9 during this day
Global Handwashing Day Y1 during this day
Excursion to Malkia Park Y7 8:45-13:00
14.10. Sat Hiking trip Plavecky Castle 8:50
16.10. Mon Excursion to Majdán Y3 9:30-15:00
17.10. Tue Discussion Rebirth of forest Y3 10:20-11:55
18.10. Wed e-testing MAT Y5 9:20-11:05
19.10. Th Traffic Course 2.A,3.A,3.B 8:30-10:45
20.10. Fri Traffic Course 2.B,2.C,2.D 8:30-10:45
Excursion to Kačín 4.B 9:00-14:30
International Trees Day – thematic day Y3 during this day
Apple Day Y1 during this day
23.10. Mon International School Library Day during this day
Bookmark is connecting schools – vernissage during this day
24.10. Tue School Championship in Chess – district round 7:45
English Theatre in TT – Heroes Y5-Y7 10:15
Matriculation Ceremony of the Y1 pupils 16:00
25.10. Wed English Theatre in TT – A bold rabbit Y1-Y4 8:30
Magical physics Y6-Y9 9:20-11:05
Pasta Picture of the School Club – evaluation 14:45-15:00
27.10. Fri Day without uniform during this day
Halloween Day during this day
30.-31.10. Mon-Tue Autumn holiday